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House of Hackney

House-of-Hackney-Palmeral_Room_SetHouse of Hackney have just launched new Home collections ahead of the opening of their first flagship store in May; and in Hackney of course!

Last year saw the launch of a fashion range  that was picked up by Liberty and I was beginning to wonder if this would be the direction they’d move into and the Home range become secondary. Happily not , they’re just a little unconventional in so many ways. Continue reading


There is a timeless beauty about anything made of marble – well almost! When we’re looking for something that will stand the test of time both in terms of durability as well as style you can’t go wrong with marble – if you can afford it! Theres always a snag isn’t there.



Bethan Gray’s Carve tables created with furniture developer Thomas Turner under the G&T brand are an interpretation of a traditional three-legged Welsh table; the three legs a solution to uneven slate floors. Combining a variety of wood bases, either oak or walnut with a unique slab of polished slate; each piece retains its own character; a hint of nostalgia with a contemporary line. Seen above is the white marble, the black is equally beautiful.



Barber Osgerby’s Tobi Ishi Table for B&B Italia took centre stage at Maison et Objet this January. It was part of the presentation of their work as Designers of the Year rounding off an incredibly year for for the design duo.  The name of the table refers to stones found in a Japanese ornamental garden. The cantilevered top and base look different depending on the perspective and refer back to the stones over lapping each other in the formal garden. Barber_Osgerby_Black_Marble_Dining_Table


We don’t tend to associate lighting with marble and certainly not the shade. The durability and weight of the material has previously relegated it to being used only for the base. But  designers have used precision grinding and  turning to transform the material into a beautiful shade. Benjamin Hubert’s Quarry light for De La Espada are turned,thin walled marble pendant lights. The inside of the pendants show the roughly finished texture of the turning process, with the exterior having the smooth polished finish. The fine turning allows the light to seep through and reveal the veins of colour that run through the marble.



Toni Grilo’s Light for Haymann uses one solid block for the base and shade of his Marie Lamp



On the more affordable side; if you can’t afford wall to ceiling solid marble, you can have Ferm Living’s easy to hang wallpaper


So I said So you can’t go wrong with Marble…. well not quite. I couldn’t help but wonder who would really fork out for this bath designed by Brad Pit, I know its only a rendered image but still. Its… unusual…its shape…errm… So we’ve had the Balzac chair that became an icon.Now we have Brad Pitt’s Ballsack?…


Sorry that was too good an opportunity to miss!



Maison et Objet January 2012

I’ve had an incredibly busy month so as a quick fix here are a few images from Maison et Objet trend areas.


Art’keting by Francios Bernard looked at  “Hyper-personalization” bringing the unexpected in and creating a space where the home is a work of art and you are its creator. Its a rather uplifting attitude to the home , especially in a time of such upheaval and continuing economic gloom. Each room had its own personality and ambiance  – perhaps I’m a little schizophrenic but I’d be happy in each of the three I’ve picture below!

Geo room (seen above featured)  Gravel Plant by Mieke Meijer (seen in the foreground) and like Mieke’s piece plays with shapes and volume within the home environment.

Bernard_Artketing1The Playmobile table above was specially commissioned for Art’keting  – I think it was my favourite piece in the whole show. I’d love this playful mini army in my house! Bringing more character into the home was one of my posts from last year.

Moderniste_Maison_et_Objet-Francoise-BernardModerniste looked like the room of a huge Picasso fan!

DreamRoomThe Dream Box by Elizabeth Leriche was a  trip into the imaginary world. Above is a room of f twisted perspectives. Over sized teacups, oversized necklace  with a light  and a HUGE pink Anglepoise Lamp. The Alice in wonderland effect completed with a tiny door.

Within this dreamscape it was wonderful to finally experience Carnovsky’s RGB wallpaper designs! As the light changes colour different parts of the pattern leap out at you. Possibly a little nighmareish for a bedroom but amazing all the same!