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Euroluce 2013


Some of the highlights from Euroluce 2013

Two pieces from Flos caught the imagination.Paul Cocksedge’s Shade and Michael Anastasiades String Lights. The simplicity in appearance belies the technical complexity behind them. Michael Anastasiades String Lights drew inspiration from European street lighting. Resembling taught telegraph wire the delicate string cable defines the space around it; simple shades encase the LED spots lights. Continue reading

Top Picks from Milan 2013

Milan 2013
I’m just back from a trip to see the Milan Design shows, so while its all fresh in my mind, here is a taster of what I’ve seen.  Its in no particular order but hopefully giving a sense of the breadth of work there is to see, from the slick showroom presentations to the handcrafted and fun installations. The great thing about Milan is the way Art, Design, Fashion and a bit of performance are brought together in one festival. Continue reading


Ombré refers to fabric that has been dyed in a variety of ways: dip dyeing, color bleeding, or gradated dyeing, it’s an effect usually achieved by hand dipping fabric in dye so that it gradually goes from light to dark, or sometimes from one color to another. Controlled seeping of dye creates  amazing textures in the fabric. The less controlled dyeing gives the sense of a handmade piece of textile with unique pattern.

Bouroullec_Quilt_Chair_Ombre_Est&SonsEstablished & Sons have produced and ombré version of the Bouroullec’s Quilt chair.Bouroullec_Quilt_Chair_Ombre_Est&Sons_Detail

Moroso_Ombre_SofaAt Milan Salone del Mobile Moroso showed a very controlled Ombré sofa that graduated from a light to dark pink. Incredibly confusing for the camera to shot.

Margrethe_Odgaard_Flip_Flap_Fold_TablerunnerFlip Flap Fold by textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. The dye seeps across the folds of the fabric enhancing the effect of the delicate origami folds

Josefine_Wiel_Fredén_TextileTextile designer  Josefine Wiel Fredén produces some beautiful fabric that has less control than the previous examples. The dye is allowed a little more of a free run. Huge patches of indigo and scarlet dyes have been manipulated just enough to create a repeat pattern; but not enough to feel mechanical produced. Each bolt of fabric is unique.

Alexa_Lixfeld_Cashmere_ThrowAlexa Lixfeld’s Cashmere throw uses the old method of tying the fabric to prevent the dye taking in those areas.

underfull_1_tekst2Underfull Tablecloth by Kristine Bjaadal At first glance the tablecloth appears to be an ordinary damask tablecloth. Its only when the cloth has been used and abused that the pattern really forms. “Some stains , like red wine, are hard to clean, but since they will be formed as figures, the tablecloth will not look stained. The figures will form a pale, shadowy pattern that will grow as the tablecloth is used over time. This creates stories and can contribute to giving the tablecloth a sentimental value.”