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Raw Nibbled Decay

In our wonderfully mechanised pixel perfect times its a refreshing change to see work that celebrates the chaotic nature of decay.

Deliberately unfinished, encouraged degradation or manipulated in the creative process these are pieces that don’t have the perfect glossy fine edges we’ve come to expect in  manufactured production work.


Helen Carnac’s piece Each Other explores the relationship between steel and vitreous enamel. We’re so used to seeing this same pristine enamel in its domestic environment; its used for ‘white wear’, sinks, bath, pots and pans, where spots and marks are signs of imperfection and rejected.

Helen deliberately draws and scratches into the enamel (sgraffito)  to create  an unpredictable  reaction between the oxidised steel and the enamel during firing. Further grinding and abrading other areas to a matt finish creates a piece that examines the relationship between the material. In its conventional use the enamel smothers the steel and we have no sense of what lies beneath.


‘My primary material is metal and from this I take my position of understanding, of not just other materials but of the world that we live in…

Recently I learnt that many generations ago some of my maternal line of family were master engravers. I was taken aback by this and felt a certain recognition that one of my primary interests – scratching with metal on metal may be hard wired in me. This helped me think again about my compulsion in making to find and make marks’


Peter Marigold created his Dodai bench for the Japan Creative exhibition Simple Vision at  Milan Salone de Mobile 2012. Working with the Japanese Furniture company Hinoki Kogei he created a bench from a logs of the Hiba tree, a Japanese Cypress known for its wonderful natural aroma.  As you can see from the images below, splitting the log is no easy process and has changed little in centuries. And instead of sanding and polishing the wood is left in its raw natural state; with aroma intact.  



All images are provided courtesy of ⓒ Nacása&Partners.


 Although I have a huge love of glass I’ve never been a fan of cut glass. I do however love Jakub Berdych’s intentionally distorted vases created for Czech design brand Qubus.

His Metamorphosis collection uses pieces already in commercial production but they’re melted and teased out of shape,their perfect cut lines twisted and distorted. Following on from this is his new Born Broken Collection. Again using production pieces they chipped and nibbled at creating a beautiful and ‘imperfect’ sister of the production piece.



I’m hungry plates by Alfonso Merry DelVal for Merry Design created a witty set of dishes. The food was so good it’ll make you want to eat the plate! A simple white version of these plates were shown at Maison et Objet and I have to say I think I preferred them – and I usually hate white plates!




Pudelskern developed two pieces for  rug specialists Stepevi – Fragment (shown above) and Patina (below).

Both Fragment  and Patina are semi felted wool with irregular edges and colour that is saturated and faded. They have the sense of ageing and maturation although they are entirely new.Inspired by faded grandeur and the natural decay of materials over time, Fragment is like a piece of faded wallpaper and Patina a section of the wall beneath cracked, damaged but beautiful.









With a continued sense of doom and gloom hanging over the world we need a shot of colour to lift the mood. I’m not advocating a riot of colour (best not to encourage that kind of behaviour especially here in London! shhh! nobody mention the riots….) What we can do is introduce a kaleidoscopic piece that add an instant hit of happiness.

Sonya Winner’s After Matisse rug is inspired by the paper cut outs of the painter. Blocks of colour are overlapped like floating pieces in a kaleidoscope; the thick New Zealand wool pile is hand carved to give variations in depth. Its a beautiful piece that I had the chance to stroke at Super Design so I can personally vouch for its vibrancy and soft touch. You can also read an interview with Sonya on Pop Art Rock Girls blog

Raw_Edges_Dilmos_Bench2Plaid Bench by Raw Edges for Dilmos

“Each of the designs can stand alone however, Raw Edges has made the three benches in such a way that they interlock into one another horizontally and vertically, creating a large rectangular platform forming a vibrant plaid pattern.”

bocadolobo_pixel_CabinetBoca do Lobo’s Pixel Cabinet features 1088 individual triangles of lacquered wood. The pieces have been overlay ed with gold and silver leaf and translucent lacquer applied to give the cabinet a lustrous shimmering finish.

bashko_trybek_color_wheel_clockBashko Trybek’s Color Wheel Clock  “A Color Wheel clock provides a new per­spect­ive on the way of com­mu­nic­at­ing time. This idea refers to the Sun — the first, primt­ive clock in nature, reflect­ing the passing of time. The Sun emits light, a spec­trum of col­ours vis­ible while going through a prism. This phe­nom­ena was an inspir­a­tion for design­ing the face of the clock. Read­ing the time from the color wheel clock is simple: red stands for noon, the wheels from biggest to smal­lest stand, respect­ively, for hours, minutes and seconds.” I found it a bit tricky to read at first but pop back to his webistie and you’ll see an online real time version.

Bright vibrant colours have also been used in a couple of Hotel refits that have opened up this year. In Paris Matali Crasset has designed the interior for Hi Matic

Matali_Crasset_HI-matic-ParisThe hotel contains 42 flexible cabins that allow the visitor to use the space as a home from home. With 100% internet access a memory foam bed that serves a sofa during the day the cabin is designed to change with with your needs througout the day. Each cabin features bright panels of colour with translucent panels allowing the light to filter through.Matali_Crasset_HI-matic-Paris2

In Barcelona the Hotel Mimic aims to further enhance your mood with a shot of colour. As designer Xavier Claramunt says “Colours provide a dose of optimism: vibrant colours are capable of lifting the morale as a palette of dull greys is to make it sink. Colours will not raise the economy but they can brighten your mood”Hotel-Acta-Mimic-Restaurant-Hotel-

Maison et Objet January 2011

10 images I shot at Maison et Objet in ParisHaute_Tension_ElizabethLeriche

First theres a look at the three trend and inspiration areas.

Haute Tension by Elizabeth Leriche displayed designs that stimulate the senses. “Design is blowing hot and cold, modulating between heavy and light varying the intensity of light and colours, increasing the tactile effects of surprising materials”


Nendo Ishigami Family Chair

Unplugged by Francios BernardUnplugged by Francois Bernard

“Unplugged doesn’t imply “doing nothing”, “creating nothing”, “producing nothing”. Unplugged is first and foremost an aesthetic form that considers it more important to use means that are direct, negotiable, adjustable and transformable by the user rather than having systematic recourse to a service based society that offers “packages”. Unplugged prefers the real world to the virtual world.”

HypnoticHypnotic by Vincent Gregoire & Nelly Rodi

“This is not an optical illusion. There’s future in the air. We truly are at the dawn of a new age. In a phase of reformatting.

Always at he forefront of developing worlds, designers are already decoding these transformative aspirations. They are making use of a techno sensitive engineering that can open infinite horizons for creativity”

DeLucchi_DeCastelliExsistence by Michele De Lucchi for De Castelli

Metropolis_LladroLladro presented a surprising and beautiful range by their young design team Inma Bermudez, Susana Rodriguez & Ingnacio Luenia (I’m not sure of the spelling!) . The pieces are functional as well as decorative and are unglazed to emphasise the Moorish pattern. The mix of islamic geometry with the western cityscape reflect the cultural diversity of the modern city.

Peltex_SamBaronSam Baron & Peltex. Baron experimented with colour and texture in his collaboration with artificial fur manufacturer Peltex.

Nanimarquina_Losanges_DetailLosanges by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for  Nani Marquina A detail shot showing the unique colour tones.

Inga_Sempe_Desk_Lignet_RosetIn the corner of the room set of Inga Sempe’s new Ruche Bedroom range for Ligne & Roset I found this cozy desk – not sure who its by. The mirror is Belize by Kensaku Oshiro

Bouroullec_Ploume_Ligne_RosetPloum byRonan & Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne & Roset