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Home Science


Everything is so super fast and super processed its perhaps not a surprise that we’re becoming more interested in the process of making from scratch and how things actually work. I’m not saying we’re all going to chuck out our handy gadgets, but you do get the sense that we’ve become so far removed from how thing work we’ve have a renewed interest in doing the science in our own home. It could be distilling your own booze or turning the everyday cup of coffee into a mini experiment; there’s something very lab like about some of the next generation of kitchen tools. These products don’t hide the mechanics, far from it; its all about understanding the process an not hiding it as most household gadgets do. Continue reading

Euroluce 2013


Some of the highlights from Euroluce 2013

Two pieces from Flos caught the imagination.Paul Cocksedge’s Shade and Michael Anastasiades String Lights. The simplicity in appearance belies the technical complexity behind them. Michael Anastasiades String Lights drew inspiration from European street lighting. Resembling taught telegraph wire the delicate string cable defines the space around it; simple shades encase the LED spots lights. Continue reading

Top Picks from Milan 2013

Milan 2013
I’m just back from a trip to see the Milan Design shows, so while its all fresh in my mind, here is a taster of what I’ve seen.  Its in no particular order but hopefully giving a sense of the breadth of work there is to see, from the slick showroom presentations to the handcrafted and fun installations. The great thing about Milan is the way Art, Design, Fashion and a bit of performance are brought together in one festival. Continue reading