Station Racour

NB_Station Racour_Kitchen

Usually tile companies love to wow you with images of their tiles in vast imposing luxury homes and hotels that seem like they’re a dream away; so it makes a refreshing change to see what can be done in a small interesting space. A space that real people can relate to and draw inspiration from for their own home. This small space happens to be an old railway carriage in Belgium!

NB_Station Racour_Train

Working with Italian tile company NovaBell (who supplied the tiles for this project and the images for this post) Station Racour converted two old train carriages into little self contained holiday rentals. ¬†Skillfully renovating and refurbishing old rolling stock that until 1990 regularly hauled passengers along through Belgium’s railway network.

I love the use of the old luggage racks and seating that they’ve reused in the dining area.

NB_Station Racour_Dining NB_Station Racour_Train Seating

The colours and textures chosen are reminiscent of the original train features, with spots of colour added through the use of bright cushions and bed linen.

NB_Station Racour_Bedroom Heres a before and after of the main bedroom and the tiles that were fitted throughout the whole carriage being laid.

NovaBell_Station Racour_Double_Bed_refitNB_Station Racour_Double_Bedroom

The floor looks just like wood but is actually made up of HD Digital printed ‘painted wood’ tiles from NovaBell’s Eco Dream collection.

To book the carriage and pretend you’re in a Tintin adventure go over to Station Racour’s site.

And for more of NovaBell’s range do please check out their site.



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