Here are designs that appreciate iron and steel in its raw state. They’ve been allowed and encouraged to rust and corrode, the natural state of decay seen as something beautiful as opposed to being a sign of a fault, fatigue or mistreatment. To prevent further decay the works have been preserved with a transparent matt layer of varnish otherwise you’d have little flakes of rust dust gradually depositing its self. Although Corton steel, the type of steel used in theses pieces, is often used by artists and architects for corroded outdoor structures; these pieces remind me of the work of artist Anthony Gormley .  Art so often provides inspiration to designers in every field from graphic to product and onwards, and across all these rusted pieces I can’t help feeling that there’s some debt to Gormley for the inspiring use of material.

DeLucchi_DeCastelliExistence by Michele De Lucchi for De Castelli

Nigro_LancelotLancelot by Philippe Nigro for De Castelli

Bleiswijk_CorrodedCorroded by Joost Van Bleiswijk Made from interlocked segments rather than being welded or screwed together they are left to the elements to work their magic on the steel. Pieces shown here are work in progress, shown at his open studio during Dutch Design Week.

Piet4DDW10Out House by Piet Hein Eek This house is at the entrance to Eek’s store in Eindhoven. Rather than Corton steel the metal used here is probably from the disused factory Piet Hein Eek has transformed into his workspace/ restaurant / gallery.

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