Primitive Tools

Having everything so bloody smart makes you want to kick back a bit. Yes I love my smart phone, sat nav, the way certain sites know what I want to order before I do – well that’s a bit annoying but useful. But I also like the simpler things in life. I haven’t a clue about the inner workings of any of my smart gadgets but I know exactly how these designs work; and I like knowing how things work; as long as its not too technical. Here are some products that hark back to simpler more primitive times.

Homosapiens_Marie_GarnierHomosapiens by Marie Garnier for Edition Nouveaux Objets is a kitchen tool for sharpening crushing and grinding.Early man would have been very happy with one of these and me too!

Hadir-Snir_KnivesThe Butcher, The Cook, The Diner by Hadar Snir is a set of knives that you could imagine making light work of skinning any mammal. They’re probably more likely to be used mezzaluna style on herbs  – or maybe that’s just me. I spotted them at Milan this year them and really hope they go into production

Hex-Bottle-openerHex Opener by Iacoli & McAlister. A simple chunk of brass to lever off a bottle top. That is all.

SabineMarcelis_bottling-620x412I don’t know how many thousands of years man has been making wine but House Wine by Sabine Marcelis is a beautiful way of bringing the process back into the home. All the pieces needed for home brewing are contained in the draw below the bottle.Sabine-Marcelisdrawer2__large

CraftABrewIf beer is more your thing Craft a Brew have created a wonderfully simple no-tech way to make your own beer. I love the way the craft trend has moved onto booze!

Any way I must be off….I’m cultivating my own sourdough..yes primitive bread making.

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