Ebay Collections

designers_voyce Collection on eBay 2 copy

Ebay had almost become a victim of their own success; millions of products uploaded everyday how the heck do you sift through to find the very best bits? With the launch of Ebay Collections suddenly it all becomes that bit easier. They’ve invited a team of tastemakers and curators to get the ball rolling and create some collections that people can be inspired by and find the kinds of things you never knew Ebay would sell. There are a huge number of stores, both big brands and independent sellers who have their own ebay stores covering every interest, hobby or practical need. I’ve been asked to create some collections for the initial launch and heres a little taste of my favourites. Continue reading

Mason & Painter at the Southbank

Mason_and_Painter_Southbank_TakeoverIts the last week to visit the lovely pop-up shop by Mason & Painter over at the Southbank Centre.¬†Mixing together a collection of vintage and contemporary products curated by Michelle Mason and Tim Parker, its a distilled version of their Columbia Road store brought into the Southbank Centre store on the Festival Terrace. If you’re in need of last minute ideas for Mothers Day I can’t think of a better place! Continue reading

Station Racour

NB_Station Racour_Kitchen

Usually tile companies love to wow you with images of their tiles in vast imposing luxury homes and hotels that seem like they’re a dream away; so it makes a refreshing change to see what can be done in a small interesting space. A space that real people can relate to and draw inspiration from for their own home. This small space happens to be an old railway carriage in Belgium! Continue reading