New Designers 2013 -Part 2


Here’s my pick of the second round of New Designers. First up are some impressive furniture designers.

Graduate of London Metropolitan University  Mona Tripp created here own wood turning jig to create some beautiful tables with asymmetric legs, the Abacus table below is a wonderful example. It reminded me of my post on table Legs.



From the National School of Furniture, Bucks New University; Lizzy Ashworth displayed some astonishing carving skills. Mixing traditional skills with CNC cut pieces to give carving a place within contemporary design.



Niall Flynn’s Riverbank Cabinet has a sculptural feel. Overlapping pieces of laminate give the sense movement like a shifting riverbank.




Graduate of London  Mona Tripp created here own

Lighting is now tactile and not just a visual experience. We’re used to carrying light with us all the time now. We’ve been using our phone screens as low level torches and the next iphone IOS has converted the flash into a super bright torch. LED technology has minaturised light sources. With this in my mind my favourite piece of the show was Ashleigh Cleet’s Owl Night Lights. Yes they’re cute (which often means they get overlooked) but they’re begging to be developed. The three little owls are made of silicon with a colour changing led inside. They can sit on a shelf or can be can be passed around. Sure they’re designed for kids and would be great for a sleepover party, but in our kidadult world I’m pretty sure they’ve got a greater age range. The lights also feature on Delight in Light which could help get it into production.. vote please! 


Another play with light is Ross O’Brien’s Loop. It takes the dull battery charger and makes it a more useful interactive gadget. The problem I have with rechargable batteries is finding a charged battery when I need it. Ross’s wall mounted loop stores and charges the batteries on a wall mounted unit. As you pop in a dead battery a recharged battery pops out the other end. The light on the loop lets you know how much you’ve saved by recharging instead of buying new.


Finally, being a coffee freak I loved Thomas Torr’s Steam Punk Coffee Machine! Heres a little look but it’ll appear again on an upcoming Coffee post.



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