May Design Series – KBB show


New to the Design shows this year is the repackaged and rebranded May Design Series; briniging 3 shows under one roof – I do have to admit that I did spend a heck of a lot of time in the KBB show! In the KBB show the organisers managed to tempt some great names Poggenpohl, Leicht and Fisher & Pykel were the stands that really stuck in my the mind.

Leicht had been tempted out of their UK trade show slumber; they haven’t exhibited in the UK for an astonishing 18 years and it was about time they showed their colours; and they can pretty much do any colour you want – really .


I do hope they don’t leave it another 18years!

Poggenpohl +Artesio table and chairs with TV on

Poggenpohl showed their new range of matt kitchen cabinets; and pretty much had the best stand,  really showing how the kitchen is now our primary living space. The design shown here even featured a fish tank, so when you’re sick of the TV you can have the calming effect of fish instead. I guess if you were a particularly mad foodie you could pop in a lobster! I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there somebody has a tank to keep their catch – but probably not in London!


Huge amounts of time and exposure are given to new chairs by top named designers and not on those everyday appliances that make our lives easier.  I have to admit I’ve never covered appliances on here – I’ve always covered the softer design products.

On the Fisher & Pykal stand it was a great opportunity to really get to know one of these appliance brands. Possibly through the wonder of Pintrest  I was under the misapprehension that Fisher & Pykal were from the States – very wrong! They’re actually from New Zealand. It was my first chance to have a good look at a their range and I have to say they’re really impressive in design and build quality. I had quick scan of other blogs and you get mentions of a Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher still going strong after 20yrs of day to day use, so they’re up there with Miele and Siemens in the longevity. So while you might have more initial outlay, as with Miele and Siemens the odds are you’re not re-buying in 5 years time. I also assumed they were insanely expensive – they’re not; but you are paying for that build quality and longevity.

Fisher_Paykel_CookerPictured above are their new cookers which somehow have a retro feel despite being stuffed with the latest technology – including pyrolytic cleaning  (self cleaning!)

They also have a very smart Cool Draw that you can change from being a chiller through to   to a freezer depending on what you need it for, extra space for drinks before the party then convert it toa freezer to cope with the leftovers!


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