London Design Festival 2011 – Nendo at Established & Sons


Nendo created an installation for Established & Son’s in their London showroom for this years London Design Festival.

The installation was inspired by looking back at nostalgic images of London fog; with the “fog” appearing to emerge from the wall to engulf pieces from the current collection . Created from thousands of pieces of transparent paper depicting random maps of London the fog engulfs the full height of the cavernous showroom.

Nendo_Established_&_Sons_London_Design_Festival_1At first I thought it rather funny that London’s reputation for fog has lingered for so long. It was a man made phenomena created from pumping out so much coal smoke from power stations. I live near to the carcass of one of these power stations; Battersea Power Station and another has been turned into Tate Modern.  Both are well loved landmarks despite the fact its noxious fumes probably killed thousands of Londoners!Nendo_Established_&_Sons_London_Design_Festival_5

So just as I was thinking “how odd, we never have fog now….” this morning Battersea Power Station was covered in the soft fluffy harmless fog that Nendo envisaged!Nendo_Established_&_Sons_London_Design_Festival_3Nendo_Established_&_Sons_London_Design_Festival_4

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