Lladro 60th Anniversary

Belle De Nuit Chandelier

As part of the 60th Birthday celebrations Lladro set their in-house the task of creating something spectacular with lighting. Well known for their porcelain figurines, for a number of years now they’ve been pushing their traditional design boundaries with some really beautiful work. Back in 2011 I had to take another look at Lladro when I spotted their beautiful Metropolis collection at Maison et Objet. Up until then I’d just known their figurines but Metropolis was very different from their usual work; and it was lovely to talk to their young designers who were understandably overjoyed with the reaction they were getting.

Lladro_BELLE DE NUIT _table_lamp_collection-3

This time they’ve turned their skills onto lighting. The Belle de Nuit collection takes the classical crystal chandelier and reworks it in porcelain. Even the lamp shades are lithophanes (translucent porcelain) and not glass. Using the brands original colour palette they’ve created the varied coloured chandelier pictured at the top, a pure white version and some and some graduated tonal table lamps and chandeliers. The first glimpse of the range came at Euroluce and I’m gutted I missed the stand, otherwise I would certainly have put it in my hi lights post.

Its also worth looking at their Naturofantastic and Foresta lighting, again created by their talented in house design team. Using lithophane they have created sculptural handcrafted lamps inspired by natural plant forms. To be hung singly or in groups the porcelain gives off a soft ambient glowing light.

Lladro_Foresta Handing Lights

Lladro_Naturofantastic 6 Lights

Also new this year are the pieces which feature figurines from their extensive collection. I’m not a huge fan of figurines; but I like that they’ve repurposed an existing design, and it really is one for their traditional customer – and you’ve got to keep them happy too!

LAMP-Giselle Arabesque

Lladro-Pensive greyhound lamp

What I do love is that Lladro have let their in house design team really play with the material and keep pushing at the possibilities. I would love it if the UK’s old Royal Doulton (also famous for figurines) went back to their roots and did the same. Their current folksy looking collection is following a trend not setting it.


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