There’s an inherent honesty in the creation of these group of products. Pieces of wood held together with simple joinery; you can see exactly where one piece links with another, nothing hidden or disguised.  The use of traditional joinery skills is combined with an exaggeration of purpose. They use the joint as fundamental part of the design, but emphasis its function by  bringing it to our attention; the joint is not simply a method of construction that should be hidden or disguised, quite the opposite, it should be thoroughly appreciated.

Van_Hoff_Chair_detail2 DickVan Hoff has emphasised the use of joints in his The Beams series comprising a chair (pictured here) and sideboard. I have to profess a particular love for this incredibly comfortable chair having sat in it rather a lot during the London Design Festival. I was a little wary at first;  its quite a sturdy statement. Having sat on it, walked around it, prodded and stroked it, I love it.   Its rather ironic that having enjoyed the chair I should read this statement on his work.  “Vanhoffontwerpen keenly focus on how a product worksVan_Hoff_Chair, the intuitive movements of the user and the enjoyment of use. Functionality, quality and the relationship between the product and the user are of paramount importance. A chair will always sit well when it is Vanhoffontwerpen. Functionality is more important than aesthetics, but that does not mean form follows function. The designs are icons that capture your heart, often robust in shape, yet reflecting subtle detailing. . .”Narud_Keel_Stool

Keel Furniture by Oscar Narud has broken with conventional furniture typologies. Using detachable legs inspired by the drop down keels used for small sailing boats.The piece continues a series of furniture Narud has developed recently, inspired by the simple construction of traditional Norwegian furniture. The addition of the keel motif, taken from boat building, refreshes the tradition. Again like Van Hoff’s work these are sturdy pieces, the application of the joinery emphasis this.  Despite their sturdy features they are relatively easy to disassemble, to move or (should you ever need to)repair.

Narud_keel_assemblyOscar Narud_keel _Table

1-2-3 Sit by Thinkk Studio is a flat pack, easy as to assemble stool – as easy as 123 hence the name!  The steel seat has a dovetail joint that neatly slides into the Oak legs. ThinkkStudio_1-2-3-sit The use of the different materials is high lighted by contrast in colour, the light Oak and the sheen of the black powder coated steel.

Chunky Joinery by Mathias Hahn (like OscarNarud another member of Okay Studio) and shown at their London Design Festival Presentation. Each designer produced a piece exploring the concept of the ‘Visitor’ . Mathias a set of occasional furniture that can be used in different situations. His sturdy piece can be used as a stool, side table, foot rest, I guess you could use it as a step it looks sturdy enough to take a fair bit of weight!  ThinkStudio_1-2-3-sit_03Hahn_Stool_ChunkyJoinery

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