We’re all looking for ways to make things our own so here are some designs require us to collaborate with the designer and become the co-creator. Your input is needed to complete the design and you can’t passively purchase and plonk in your home, otherwise; well it just wouldn’t really work. The great thing is you don’t have too be too creative, there’s nothing complicated about what you are asked to do. Its just a way of personalising your space, just a little of your input is required.


Shuffle Table by Mia Hamborg To create your own table you stack the lathe turned wooden pieces in your own way. And if you get tired of it and fancy a change you can re-configure it. I’m sure someone with a mathematical mind could say how many unique combinations there are, unfortunately I can’t!


Daisuke_Lost-in-SofaDaisuke Motogi’s Lost in Sofa Invites you to put into the sofa all those little bits and pieces you’d usually loose. The sofa can be a rich source of lost items, loose change (other peoples/yours), tv remote, pens books etc, etc. so why not make them a part of the sofa. The sections of padding are pockets for you to store those troublesome items.Daisuke_Lost-in-Sofa2


Growing Up Chair by Jenna Postma

I find it rather charming that the inspiration for this chair came from a messy teenagers bedroom; but then most of us do tend to dump our clothes at the end of the day. “Almost everyone has a chair in their bedroom to put their clothes on, but the more clothes there are – the more useless it gets as a chair. The Growing Up Chair is the other way around, it needs the mess to create the seating and to be functional.” I guess you could also use it as a place to stash old clothes of weave in some amazing fabric – the choice is yours.Postma_growing_up_Chair

Todd Laundry Stool by Llot Llov also reqiures you to finish the piece by dumping your laundry onto it to create the cushion.


VanderPoll_Do_hit_chair1Marijn Van Der Poll ‘s  Do Hit Chair for Droog probably requires the maximum input and is the oldest of this collection. Created in 1999 the chair comes with a sledge hammer for you to provide maximum input. It could be quite theraputic bashing  a lump of metal into the right size for your rear. And at least you have somewhere to collapse into once you’ve finished!VanDerPoll_Do-hit-chair-2

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