House of Hackney

House-of-Hackney-Palmeral_Room_SetHouse of Hackney have just launched new Home collections ahead of the opening of their first flagship store in May; and in Hackney of course!

Last year saw the launch of a fashion range  that was picked up by Liberty and I was beginning to wonder if this would be the direction they’d move into and the Home range become secondary. Happily not , they’re just a little unconventional in so many ways. So many brands do the fashion first then move into Home I rather like the fact they’ve done things the opposite way round. The new ranges Inferno and Palmeral add an expanding range of products, and to dare I say the classic ranges. The brand has only been around for less than 5 years and the Dalston Rose can easily be described as such. Its much copied and I did spot and obviously  ‘inspired’ by clothing range in Top Shop recently.

The new ranges includes Palmeral in three different colour ways, Day Green (pictured above), Midnight Green on the Martello 3-Seater Sofa below and Azure on the velvet cushion. I particularly love the Inferno Velvet Cushion the final image.


House of Hackney-palmeral-cushion-mid-blue  House-of-Hackney-inferno-velvet-cushion

All of the pieces are now available online but I personally I’m really looking forward to the new store. The craftsmanship of the pieces and the amazing photo shoots they’ve produced for both the fashion and home range; you just know they’re going to do something inspirational in the new store. I love online shopping, but nothing really beats the experience of a great store.

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