Home – London Spring Summer 2014

The first of the season and one of the smaller trade shows; what Home lacks in size it makes up in content. Its a refreshing change from the the vast halls filled with gifty nick naks to find a show that in one hall packs some great designers and brands. From the old and established to the new and up and coming it has a great mix of products for the home. Here’s my pick from the show.


International Studio are building up a reputation for great product design and amazing trade show stands! Their stand at Design Junction during the London Design Festival felt like it was one of the most instagrammed of the whole festival – maybe that was in my stream but I couldn’t fail to notice the! At Home they showed had a totally different configuration of their Apollo lighting; a modular system of anodised aluminium shades that can be combined to make many different shade combinations.Apollo_Close_up_Lighting_International_Studio

In the UK they’ll be available through Heals in their new Spring Summer 14 lighting collection.

The UK Pottery industry has had a really tough time for as long as anyone can remember. But the showing at Home would suggest that we’re due a renaissance. From small studio’s to old brands, they’ve all upped their game and kept the industry alive.

The New English is one of a number of new brands to take advantage of the wealth of talent in the Potteries heartland of Stoke-on-Trent. Working with artists and designers and also creating his own designs, Paul Bishop has created a collection that is a little more subversive than the traditional bone china that Stoke is famous for. His stunning Shark plates a wonderful example of the way Paul has shaken up and woken up the traditional brands that surround him in Stoke.


Lyngard Ceramics have developed some amazing lustreware glazes that the family have been working on for over 20 years. The coppery lustre vases and pendant lampshades have a wonderful depth of colour and glossy sheen. Its a difficult glaze to master and Lyngard have done an amazing job in getting the glaze just right. They’ve also been playing with softer shapes with their Campbell lampshade. The Fern pattern is a favourite of mine.



Perhaps the happiest surprise for me was the rejuvenation of Royal Doulton. Although they can’t rebuild the lost Stoke on Trent factory of twenty years ago, what they have done is bring in UK designers to bring the brand into the 21st century. I love the collection by Charlene Mullen, usinging her textile pieces of London skylines reworked on to a dining set.



They also collaborated with London Graffiti artist Pure Evil on some decorative plates. Its about as far away from the Royal Doulton’s old lady figurines as you could get and a really positive move in the right direction rather than always looking to the past.



I have a huge soft spot for anything knitted and geometric patterns so Seven Gauge Studio with a combination of both is a huge hit for me. You can’t quite get the zesty orange and yellow in my image so do please go to their site for more colour correct images.




Mini Moderns used the show to launch their new range of Bedlinen seen above in Whitby. In keeping with all of Mini Moderns products the bedlinen is made in the UK and will be available soon from their website. Over on their website you can see the full Whitby range and its proper colours. Its looking a little yellow in my images… The only down side of Home was the terrible lighting inside the halls! The old lights gave everything an orange yellow tinge that made it almost impossible to get any decent images! Thankfully the show will be moving to Kensington Olympia next year and will hopefully have at least some natural light.

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