A warm glow that harks back to an era of candle light; that’s all we really need now. We have so much light coming from the screen of a laptop or the television we don’t really need much more. Lighting can offer a sense of warmth, intimacy and enchantment; becoming a tactile experience, touching changes the light with different pools of light dappled across the room. Such a contrast to a bright single central light.These lights are not merely funcional but interactive installations.

Light_Tray_Daniel_RybakkenThe Light Tray by Daniel Rybakken The tray obscures the power source and gives the appearance of a self powered bulb. Sheathed in hand blown glass domes the intensity of the light can be altered by changing the configuration of the domes.

Candil_Alvaro_Catalan_de_OconCandil by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon offers a tactile experience; a modern version of candlelight as it has no off switch. You lift the bulb from the copper bowl to break the connection that powers the light.

Glow-Mike-Thompson-Gionata_GatoTrap Light a collaboration between Gionata Gato and Mike Thompson. Using a photo-luminescent pigment that was embedded into the hand blown glass body; the glass piece becomes both a shade and source of recycled light. The pigment traps and absorbs light from the conventional led bulb and emits 8 hours of ambient light from a single 30 minute charge. Its offers a wonderful way to save energy but with the slight snag that you can’t turn off the glow; so perhaps not one for the bedroom!

Junggi-Sung_Ember-LightEmber Light by Junggi Sung. The light is set into a wooden chamber and can be increased by pushing out of the chamber.

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