Euroluce 2013


Some of the highlights from Euroluce 2013

Two pieces from Flos caught the imagination.Paul Cocksedge’s Shade and Michael Anastasiades String Lights. The simplicity in appearance belies the technical complexity behind them. Michael Anastasiades String Lights drew inspiration from European street lighting. Resembling taught telegraph wire the delicate string cable defines the space around it; simple shades encase the LED spots lights.


Paul Cocksedge’s Shade was an optical illusion. The shade appears to hover in the air, it is held up by a thin wire, but the light source comes not from within the shade but from an LED on the floor. I have to say it did confuse the heck out of me at first!


Husband and wife architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas created two stunning installations for Italian lighting company Zonca (If there were a prize for a designer /brand  combination name Fuksas for Zonca gets it) Jokes aside, the Candy Collection lights were amazing mounted en masse. Each lamp is a stylised pentangle prism with an LED hidden inside.


Their second piece was a delicate lattice of LEDs that slowly changed colour going through the full spectrum – or it seemed like it.


Ray Power’s Escape-S lights for LZF are made of thin sheets of wood veneer over lapping. With so much LED technical wizardry on show it was great to see a piece that you really felt you could take home without the need to call in a technician.


Finally over at Salone Satellite a whole group of lamps I’d loved to have taken home were these Moa Lamps by Kristine Five Melvaer . Flipping the traditional on its head, where the base would be made of wood and the shade of glass the Moa lamp turns this upside down. A combination of beautiful wood turning, jewel coloured glass and the curved shape of a mushroom they’re a happy light – if you can have such a thing.






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