Dripping & Splattering

Bit of a messy title but self explanitory. Heres a collection of products that feature this messy form of adornment.


Above: Splatterplatter by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen.

Working with mass dyed porcelain Louise uses  bold gestures to drip spill and splatter into the plaater moulds. The dyes react with one and other in unpredictable ways, firing and glazing adding to the changes in pattern.“One of my favourite things is a table or a palette where a bunch of colours have been mixed and spilled. Usually, this accidentally decorated surface is far more beautiful than what the colours were intended for. Splatterplatter marks a liberation from the careful planning of patterns. Sometimes, it’s good to leave things up to chance, even for a designer.”



Ron Arad’s exhibited at the Centre Pompidou this spring

A screen I spotted in a ACNE store.



Plate & Chair from Masion Object – oops forgot made them!




Apologies for the splattery nature of this post… I’m off to Milan….

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