Digital Colour Mix


Digital print and colour reproduction technology has changed the way we use colour. Why have one colour when you can have a range of colours in one piece? A quiet riot of colour has crept up blending a couple of recent trends together.  Ombre, the gradual fading of colours, and bold clash of colours I looked at in Kaleidescope post in 2011 have melded together. Digital printing has changed the way we think about using colour; theres a complexity in pattern, or vivid colour is shaded, mixed and blurred. Here are a few blasts of colour that show digital has mixed up the colour palette like never before.

Studio_Droog_Family_VaseDroog Family Vase are 3D printed vessels created as part of the New Original Project. The colour is based on the exact percentage of each colour on an original Chinese vase but applied in gradient using pixel calculations.


Werner Aisslinger’s Bikini Wood Chairs for Moroso subtly change across the colour spectrum.


Although not in any way digitally printed Joe Nagasaka’s Udukuri range for Established & Sons uses this vivid colour palette of the digital age.

parris_wakefield_bliss_digital_print_cushionParris Wakefield produce complex digital surface pattern designs in wonderful gradients and shades. Available in wallpaper, lampshades and fabric, they’ve also produced cushions to add a little hit of this complex blend of colour to your home

LED Lighting technology gives you a rainbow of colours and both interior designers and artists have been playing with the possibilities. This is a pretty wild staircase for a home, as it is here in the Orange House by Yazgan Design; but you could certainly see the idea used across retail and restaurant interiors


A couple of pieces I saw in Milan are worth looking at again for this trend. Above the CMKY light by Dennis Parren  and the Mille Fuille Cabinet by Emmanuelle Moureaux for Schoenbuch



Finally my favourite of all of these is the simplest. Mr Printables has created 5 free downloadable printed papers in pastel gradients. They’re free to download and play with. Having just bought a new printer I can’t wait to try these out. Its worth the click through to read the inspiration and to download!

Our ability to reproduce very shade of colour imaginable has made this vivid mix of colours possible. I can’t help thinking how far we’ve come in production techniques – we’re light years away from Henry Ford’s classic quote “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black!”

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