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Home Science


Everything is so super fast and super processed its perhaps not a surprise that we’re becoming more interested in the process of making from scratch and how things actually work. I’m not saying we’re all going to chuck out our handy gadgets, but you do get the sense that we’ve become so far removed from how thing work we’ve have a renewed interest in doing the science in our own home. It could be distilling your own booze or turning the everyday cup of coffee into a mini experiment; there’s something very lab like about some of the next generation of kitchen tools. These products don’t hide the mechanics, far from it; its all about understanding the process an not hiding it as most household gadgets do. Continue reading

Primitive Tools

Having everything so bloody smart makes you want to kick back a bit. Yes I love my smart phone, sat nav, the way certain sites know what I want to order before I do – well that’s a bit annoying but useful. But I also like the simpler things in life. I haven’t a clue about the inner workings of any of my smart gadgets but I know exactly how these designs work; and I like knowing how things work; as long as its not too technical. Here are some products that hark back to simpler more primitive times.

Homosapiens_Marie_GarnierHomosapiens by Marie Garnier for Edition Nouveaux Objets is a kitchen tool for sharpening crushing and grinding.Early man would have been very happy with one of these and me too!

Hadir-Snir_KnivesThe Butcher, The Cook, The Diner by Hadar Snir is a set of knives that you could imagine making light work of skinning any mammal. They’re probably more likely to be used mezzaluna style on herbs  – or maybe that’s just me. I spotted them at Milan this year them and really hope they go into production

Hex-Bottle-openerHex Opener by Iacoli & McAlister. A simple chunk of brass to lever off a bottle top. That is all.

SabineMarcelis_bottling-620x412I don’t know how many thousands of years man has been making wine but House Wine by Sabine Marcelis is a beautiful way of bringing the process back into the home. All the pieces needed for home brewing are contained in the draw below the bottle.Sabine-Marcelisdrawer2__large

CraftABrewIf beer is more your thing Craft a Brew have created a wonderfully simple no-tech way to make your own beer. I love the way the craft trend has moved onto booze!

Any way I must be off….I’m cultivating my own sourdough..yes primitive bread making.